The history of Dvor Tacen was marked by a well-known slovenian poet, story teller and liteary critic named Fran Levstik. It was here that he met Franja Malenšek, a daughter of Jože Malenšek, owner of the Pri Košir inn which you can still find next door from Dvor Tacen. Levstik fell in love with Franja and it was her that he devoted his most beautiful love poems – most famous is perhaps the Senčnica (shade).

The address of the premise (Pot sodarjev) was given after cooper's trade (sodar = cooper). Cooper's trade or coopery was one of the most popular crafts in the district of Tacen, already present in that area in mid 18th century. The craft was present at many local houses such as the house name »At Pintar's«.

pogodba dvor tacen
tacen From the historical point of view the Sava river bridge (below Šmarna gora hill) holds more than 800 years of history. The very first raft, built at the end of 12th century and later owned by the gentlemen of the Planina near Sevnica, is first mentioned in written documents on June 21, 1283. In 1569 the raft became public property and was controlled by the tax office in Ljubljana, however, later on the ownership was taken over to the lords of the Smlednik caste.

The problem of dangerous and relatively time-consuming river crossing was solved by construction of Maria bridge in 1844 by baron Lazarini who designed it at the very same location.

The district of Tacen is best known as a venue for hosting world championships in whitewater canoe and kayak racing. The Tacen Canoe Centre is located between Šmarna gora hill and river Sava, 10 km north from capital city Ljubljana and 19 km from closest Jože Pučnik international airport.

THe district of Tacen is also popular for its various options of hiking and cycling. Many Ljubljana residents walk up the Šmarna gora hill from Tacen – it's a medium level walk with plenty of picturesque views onto nearby hills and forests. Around Šmarna gora hill there are many cycling lanes for both experienced and easy bikers. Tacen is also known for the police academy and the Tacen beekeeping association established in 1919. Its members play an important role in contributing to the development of beeking in the area of Ljubljana and its surroundings.

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